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Diversity Network Summer Scholarship

Amount of Award: $500
Campus Application Deadline: April 1, 2016
Number of Awards: Multiple

$1,000 Level: Summer Scholarships

Here are just four of the many summer scholarships you can still apply for.

Academic Summer Camp Scholarships

In 2016, Wallonie-Bruxelles International will offer two summer scholarships to Belgium for AATF members at the secondary or college levels. Recipients attend a two-week language training session July 14-August 4, 2016 at the Université de Liège. We do not yet have complete information for 2016, but in the past the scholarships have included tuition and fees, housing in a university residence hall, and a stipend for meals. Transportation is at the charge of awardees. Please note that these scholarships are intended for candidates who need to work on their French skills, and the programs do not generally address French language pedagogy.

Celebrate the heat with summer scholarships 2014

Audra McMillan
Summer Scholarship recipient 2011 in the School of Mathematics and Statistics

"Having previously completed a Summer Scholarship with the School of Chemistry, I applied for one in Maths to help me decide what areas of research I was interested in. I worked with Dr Anthony Henderson on Combinatorics and attempted to prove a conjecture about the total positivity of a matrix related to a random process.

I enjoyed the research and found the most helpful part of the experience for me was the opportunity to write, revise and submit a paper to a journal which was accepted for publication.

The whole experience helped me decide what I wanted to research and now im at the University of Michigan completing my PhD in Pure Mathematics."

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Pine Cove offers partial tuition assistance through the scholarship program to prospective campers with financial, spiritual and emotional need. This assistance is available to both individuals and families. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend camp. Fill out the form below to apply for a summer camp scholarship.Below you will find summer scholarships for students. If you meet their requirements, you may be able to secure financial aid for college from one or more. There is no due date for summer camp scholarships. Our committee will begin awarding scholarships for the following summer beginning in September. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we encourage you to apply early. For weekends, all applications must be submitted 60 days prior to the start of the weekends unless we have verbally confirmed otherwise. Multiple awards have honored this summer scholarships program, and it is featured on many websites. By viewing recent ecologist awards, you can get inspiration for your own project in environmental stewardship. The initiative has multiple goals:These $1,500 summer scholarships are sponsored by the Ohio State Fair. They are open to junior exhibitors at the fair who are also entering or continuing college. To qualify, you need to be either an incoming freshman or a current student at the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State University, at the campus in Wooster.Students are encouraged strongly to apply for these summer scholarships. The applications just need to be sent to the scholarship committee of SAFE. As an applicant, you will be judged on:
Summer Scholarships: All applications, transcripts, photos, recommendations and personal statements must be received by Abbey Road prior to April 1st.

15 Sizzling Summer Scholarships | Unigo

The Summer Language Scholarship supports incoming Middlebury Institute students who do not yet meet the language proficiency level required for their master's degree program. You'll earn a scholarship to attend one of Middlebury’s world-renowned intensive summer language programs:

Literature Studio Summer Scholarships are back this year for a second season, and the following awards are up for grabs:

Summer Programs Scholarships | Berklee College of Music

All $1,000 Summer Scholarship applicants are required to submit 1 letter of academic recommendation completed by an instructor or academic advisor who has supervised your work in the scholarship category for which you are applying.

Summer scholarship opportunity for low-income, first generation, or under-represented students studying in any country.

Summer School Scholarships | Enrichment Program

NU students with demonstrated financial need who participate in GESI summer programs may be considered for GESI summer scholarships. Your GESI application must be submitted by December 15 or January 15 to be considered for the scholarships.