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Website presentation doesn't need to be about your company. It may contain info about your project, your activities, your wedding plans and gifts or just anything you want to tell the people.

Figure 1: Web Presentation patterns cluster

What is Web Presentation ? Both individual and corporate clients in today’s changing conditions is…

Table 1: Web Presentation Patterns

A PowerPoint web presentation is a presentation that is converted to a web page (i.e., an HTML document) and graphic files. The web page and graphic files can then be copied to a web server and accessed as a regular web page.

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After you have created a presentation in PowerPoint, you have the option of saving it as a web page. By saving the presentation as a web page, you may copy it to a web server for online viewing. Web presentations are opened in internet browsers, so you do not need PowerPoint installed on your computer to view a web presentation.

When evaluating a web presentation framework for your project, you might consider:
To get the most from today’s web presentation tools presenters must learn what the tools can do, apply it to their work and get hands-on practice and coaching. Anything less is a waste of time.If you or your people are expected to use web presentations, shouldn’t they be as effective and engaging as possible?

This course is also available as an individual enrollment webinar. See our events page for schedule. Participants in this program may qualify for Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit.

for information on bringing this program to your organization!We work with small groups on the web presentation platform of your choice to speed up adoption of the tools, comfort with their use and give greater return on your technology investment.

This course is ideal for: anyone who’s job includes presenting, training, selling or leading meetings using today’s web and virtual presentation technology

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Unlike the dozen of trivial WebKit browser apps out there, Web Presentation supports both web-based and Apache-based password restricted sites.

You should be aware that web presentation frameworks sometimes require and use jQuery or other libraries to accomplish their functions.

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We implemented a collaborative web presentation system for realizing a reactive presentation. The system consists of a personal computer (PC) for a presenter and PCs (or tablet devices) for audience members. The presenter uses the existing presentation software PowerPoint. The audience members use existing Web browsers. The system is used for working collaboratively with audience members. A presenter with the system manipulates or modify PowerPoint slide objects (such as a drawing graph, a picture, a text box) on a slide page in real time to tackle unexpected situations for responding unexpected questions and improving the state of the knowledge of the audience. The system can control the attention of audience members by using animation effects of the slide objects. The animation effects, such as moving the objects, changing size and color of the objects, is used to control the attention of audience members and realize non-verbal communication. The presenter synchronizes his/her slide display of PowerPoint with the display on the Web browsers of the audience members with our new method based on the WebSocket communication. We outline the system architecture and its implementation method. The experiments show that the performance of the system is enough for practical use.

So, again, how do you wade through the choices to arrive at an appropriate Web presentation design strategy for your application?

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Soon page-based development (for example, ASP and JSP) emerged. This allowed developers to embed script directly into HTML pages, thus simplifying the programming model. As these embedded script applications became more complex, developers wanted to separate out business logic from presentation logic at the page level. In response, tag libraries with helper objects and code-behind page strategies emerged. Elaborate frameworks appeared, which offered dynamically configurable site navigation and command dispatchers, all at the cost of additional complexity. Given the wide range of Web presentation options now available, how do you choose the appropriate Web presentation design strategy for your application?