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I have no words to turn the tide
-Lights go out, and worlds collide-
But by your candle hopes abide
And there I'll write my book,
By your candle hopes abide
And there I'll write my book.

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Guest Post – Why Did I Write My Book Winds of Skilak by Bonnie Rose Ward  via @indiebookpromos

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A Brilliant compilation!!!! Thanx a lot, a lot and a lot….Sure your tips will help me write my book. Hope my dreams of writing a book will come true.

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No one else has told me to write my book. None of my family members have encouraged me to write a book and when I talk about it they almost seem to dismiss me and the entire experience like it’s unrealistic. I totally understand. I don’t know why the Lord said I should write my book. I don’t like feeling so confused and unprepared. Even though I finished the first part of the series I fear that it is still unfinished; so, like many writers I am trying figure out when to stop adding and taking away.

Guest Post – Why Did I Write My Book Winds of Skilak by Bonnie Rose Ward  via @indiebookpromos
Here are some tips from the workshop I’m using as I write my book. Let these strategies be your guide as well. (By the way, a lot of this advice comes in handy for any type of writing project.)PapersMart is able to provide help students of all levels and degrees with book report writing in the shortest writing terms and for the most reasonable prices. When there is a question: 'Please, write my book report in 24 hours' - we fulfil the order eagerly due to the experience and qualification of our writers. Order urgent book reports at PapersMart and improve your marks with our assistance.I hope I can treat some of those who helped me write my book to a drink at the pub tonight to celebrate. If I don’t see you there, hopefully another time.Well you thought you were ambitious…I have a mission to write my book, publish it, get it made into a film and star in it myself! I wrote it, right? Can’t I live my own fantasy? And ya know they could pay me way less because I’m not a Hollywood actor and stuff. Maybe I’m super conceited, but does anyone else think that would be amazing? Anyone…? I love to write but…ADVENTURRRRESSS!Writing a book is a wonderful process of discovery and revelation, but it is also daunting, especially if you’re attempting the process for the first time. If you find yourself saying ‘I can’t write my book’, here are 7 steps to take that will spur you on:
Guest Post – Why Did I Write My Book Winds of Skilak by Bonnie Rose Ward  via @indiebookpromos


I'd never claim that what I'd heard
Was the first wave or the last word,
But your heart beneath my hand just stirred
And I will write my book.

This is just what I needed. This is the year I write my book. I wonder how you manage to read my mind so well.

How I Write My Books: A Peek into My Crazy Process

I recently finished my own , and at the risk of sounding trope-y: If I can do this, anyone can — or, at least, a lot of people can. My life is neither leisurely nor fraught with immediate crisis. I don't have children, but I do have a high-pressure, extremely full-time job (like a lot of people do). I did write my book during an exceptionally trying year of my life, both personally and professionally, but those issues are not unique to me.

I turn my face from all the ragePlaying on a grim, dark stage,But you've shown me an open pageAnd I will write my book.

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"It took me 3 years to write my book. That's one year of research, one year of bloody mayhem with word processors and a whole bunch of so called "writer's software". Then I found yWriter and for the first time pulled all the notes, chapters, characters and the whole mess together, AND THIS IS FREE SOFTWARE!!! Nope, I don't know Simon from a bar of soap, and nope he hasn't offered me any incentive, or even a free copy of his Spacejock book. I just think its a bloody good piece of software and it pulled my mess of a manuscript into shape. Without it I wouldn't be sitting on a very nice contract and my Bank Manager wouldn't be offering me Monte Carlo bickies with the coffee when I go to see him.