So you hate writing workshops. Then maybe just don’t go?

Tina Mozelle Braziel, a graduate of the University of Oregon MFA program in poetry, directs the Ada Long Creative Writing Workshop at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her poetry has appeared in , and other journals. Her chapbook, , is forthcoming from Porkbelly Press. She and her husband, novelist James Braziel, live and write in a glass cabin that they are building on Hydrangea Ridge.

I’m white and I’ve taken writers workshops.

These books were indispensable in helping me learn about and implement the Writing Workshop.

MFA programs do separate the wannabe writing workshop group away.

Online writing workshops offer professional writing instruction over the Internet. Like real-world workshops, online workshops generally last for a period of time (usually about six to fourteen weeks) and are developed and taught by experienced writers. Some writers might find online workshops convenient because they often do not consist of scheduled class times—participants usually “log on” at times that are convenient for them, often from their own homes.

Oops, I used passive voice. No writer workshop hook-up for me.

Writing groups differ from writing workshops in that they tend to be smaller, more intimate, and more casual. They often consist of a handful of friends and acquaintances who meet regularly in someone’s living room or at a café to discuss general issues relating to writing and publishing, to help each other out with contacts and ideas, and to read and critique each other’s work. If you would like to organize a writing group yourself, can help you find other writers in your area.

This is great introductory book on the Writing Workshop. Gives practical information.
The Writers Workshop is looking for a few exceptional students to join our consultants next year--graduate and undergraduate students from any major.I just wanted to tell you that I just reread your Writers Workshop book. The first time I read it to understand the workshop. This time I read it for the advice to writers, editors, and reviewers and your thoughts on work.Fulbright Personal Statement Workshop
Monday, April 18, 3 to 4:30 pm, 514 Illini Union Bookstore
Sponsored by: National and International Scholarships Program and the Writers Workshop4-5:30pm | TEEN WRITING WORKSHOP | FEMS WITH PENS | A four-week workshop for girls in grades 7-12 with contributor Sativa Peterson. Participants write fiction and non-fiction based on a variety of exercises, then discuss and edit each other's work in a creative, supportive environment.6:30-8:30pm | WRITING WORKSHOP | BETTY WEBB | WRITE THAT NOVEL! | Bestselling mystery novelist Betty Webb hosts a workshop to take you through the novel-writing process, from idea to finished product.Los Angeles Writers Group facilitates creative writing workshops, writing groups and private coaching to those seeking support for a variety of writing projects. Our collaborative workshops and writing groups are held in creative spaces throughout the city of Los Angeles. We engage with writers through dynamic discussion and participation, not just lectures. We want you to […]
Anything by Katie Wood Ray is helpful in learning more about the Writing Workshop.

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In the Hatrack River Writers Workshop Writing Class you will find a few assignments that mayhelp you get a story started and maybe even finish it. You will need to ask the website to showyou all of the topics in order to find the assignments because they were posted months ago. Youare welcome to ask questions about the assignments there as well.

Los Angeles Writers Group offers heart-centered creative writing workshops in…

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The Mercury program and later space programs used and inspired a great deal of fiction as well. Chicon 7 invites members who are also writers to spend some of their convention time as part of the Writers Workshops. We're looking for new writers, budding writers, journeyman writers, and seasoned professional writers to fill our workshop sessions.

— Tim Tomlinson introduced the New York Writers Workshop Pitch Conference at the Asia Pacific…

Is the writing workshop the only way to teach writing

If you aren't certain you want to register or if you just want to lookaround, you are still welcome to the Hatrack River Writers Workshopforum and just read what is posted there.