Myth #7: “I’m too busy to write a thesis or dissertation.”

“Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation provides a needed guide to writing a thesis or dissertation in a highly readable format. The content includes many tacit issues such as considerations for choosing a supervisor, insights into faculty rank and what they may mean for working with a supervisor, different thesis formats, the autonomy involved in writing a thesis vs. writing a class paper, and various potential roadblocks students may encounter. Readers will find this an excellent guide; I plan to incorporate it into my next graduate research course.” -- Dr. Elizabeth Garber, Professor, School of Art, The University of Arizona



How to Write a Thesis Paper or Dissertation?

The East Carolina University Manual of Basic Requirements for Theses and Dissertations has been written to provide guidance in approaching the task of writing a thesis or dissertation. This publication is intended to serve several purposes in support of this endeavor:

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The process of developing and writing a thesis or dissertation has been broken down into stages and each stage of the process is discussed separately.

CONTENTS: Guidelines for Writing a Thesis or Dissertation, Linda Childers Hon, Ph.D
For most postgraduate students the idea of writing a thesis or dissertation is quite daunting

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation Proposal

The Teaching Writing series publishes user-friendly writing guides penned by authors with publishing records in their subject matter. Blair’s practical book gives graduate students the tools they need to successfully plan, write, and defend their thesis or dissertation. Each chapter addresses a rite of passage common to most graduate programs: selecting a methodology, conducting a literature search, carrying out research, analyzing data, and preparing for a thesis defense. Combining years of supervisory experience with up-to-date research, Blair addresses issues important to graduate students that are often left out of these guides, including how to navigate the ethics review process and avoid problems related to academic integrity, such as plagiarism, how to select and prepare for a productive meeting with a supervisor, and how to establish an academic track record by presenting research at conferences and publishing in academic journals. Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation offers much more than its title suggests. It is a thorough and succinct guide to succeeding in graduate school, appropriate for thesis and research methods courses, and a must-read for graduate students across the disciplines.

Writing a thesis or dissertation is perhaps the most daunting part of graduate education

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“Dr. Lorrie Blair provides a much-needed book for students pursuing a graduate degree. Writing A Graduate Thesis or Dissertation is a comprehensive guide to the stages of working through the rigors of writing and defending a graduate degree from the initial stages of choosing a thesis topic and supervisor, right through to the defense of the work. Each chapter can be consulted separately, or the whole book read to give a wide-ranging understanding of the issues most pertinent to writing and defending a thesis. This book provides something for everyone involved in that process. Both graduate students and their supervisors will find this a refreshing and thorough collection that addresses the topic across a wide range of disciplines. I wish this book had been available during my 30 years as a University Professor. With almost 100 graduate students supervised, I know that there are particular topics like plagiarism, how to conduct a literature review and ethical issues that are important for students to really understand as they begin their research and writing. The chapters on research methodology are clear and written to give access to a number of questions that students ask when trying to decide on how to conduct their research and strategies to help make their thesis a reality. This book is a highly readable, informative and welcome addition to academic literature.” -- Dr. Kit Grauer, Professor Emerita, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, The University of British Columbia

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation and Assembly of a Graduate Advisory Committee

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"It is a difficult quest to give students the needed resources to assist in writing a thesis or dissertation. Joyner, Rouse and Glatthorn address completing this journey in an organized and sequential process. I congratulate the authors in their thoughtful portrayal."