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A study that compared the usability of two versions of online help for an Application System/400 (AS/400) product is described. The long-term goal was to develop empirically based guidelines for writing online help, particularly for application-enabling products. A portion of the online help text for one AS/400 product was revised. The revisions included changes in the content, writing style, and presentation of the text. The original version and the revised version of the help were compared in an interactive (online) task environment and in three hardcopy reviews. In the interactive environment, participants who used the revised version made 40% fewer requests and viewed 45% fewer help screens than those who used the original version. There was no significant difference in task performance (quality of work) between those who used the original and the revised versions of the help. The results of the hardcopy reviews showed that participants strongly preferred the revised version

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Use the following template to write the online help for your web page.

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Much has been written on writing online help systems. Farkas (1999) provides a detailed explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of seven different genres of instructions�wizards, flowcharts, playscript procedures, the interface annotation model (balloon-type help), paragraph format, the rich step format, and the streamlined step format. Shroyer (2000) promotes using reader-role theory to assess the style preferred by the audience in a help system, and uses it to explain the demise of Microsoft's PaperClip feature. Pratt (1998) uses instructional design theory to inform her recommendations for writing help, including starting with a foundation of procedural information, adding background theoretical information to deepen user understanding, and including practice.

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Writing for the Internet covers doing research online, creating multimedia documents, developing computer–based training and Web–based training, and writing online help

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lines for writing online help, particularly for application enabling prod- ucts

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Writing the content requires the same mind-set as used in writing online help

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