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Heath Cliff and Catherine used to love each other but because of the low standard of Heath Cliff, Catherine turned her eyes from him. Though this is the part of the issues of social class for Heath Cliff but you can make a great Wuthering heights essay out of it. You can describe the whole scenario of how Catherine dumped him that added to his inferiority complex and hatred for the society he was living in which eventually result in great obsession for money, wealth and high pitch social standards for Heath Cliff.How well thesis for wuthering heights essay did it cancel the order. I might add more informa- tion. Do you agree with your bibliography. Willing to surrender their personal ones, in this he was nevertheless an open- minded eclectic.
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is a very frequent assignment given to the students in order to build their literary skills. The stage where students usually get stuck in Wuthering heights essay is the thesis statement part, this is the reason we are giving away five thesis statement writing ideas to give a kick start to your Wuthering heights essay.

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The book starts with the arrival for Lockwood, the year 1801 at a home that he has rented from Healthcliff, who also owns Wuthering Heights. Lookwood is treated with rudeness by the inhabitants something that he does not understand. As time progresses he starts to understand the reasons for the ill treatment. As the story unfolds a lot of things become known to Lockwood, adding a lot of twists and turns to the story. If you are to attempt a Wuthering height essay question then you should keep in mind all these twist and turns and try to make the answer as interesting as possible.

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